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The Daily Dose - Super Greens

The Daily Dose - Super Greens

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You will absolutely LOVE our super greens or get your money back! We are a private company and source only the best ingredients for our greens. We care! We have the most comprehensive green product on the market and it is guaranteed to taste great and be free of heavy metals and pesticides. Boost your energy and nutrition today and try our 100% whole-food, plant-based organic super-greens!

Daily Dose Super Greens Benefits

Supercharge your day with 37 essential whole foods, 5 billion dairy free probiotics, 143% vitamin C, fiber, protein, omega 3,6,9, raw organic greens and much more! Gain more energy, immune support, and healthy detoxification, all in just one scoop per day!

Even if you’re eating plenty of plant-based super-foods, it’s difficult to feed up on the spirulina, chlorella and other amazing super-foods that come in our greens. Most of us aren’t eating a plate-full of seaweed!

No need to worry. We’ve got you covered— we’ve done all the sourcing, research, and top-notch formulation to create the most premium quality, awesome tasting, super greens blend you’ll ever try, or your money back!

Why Choose The Daily Dose?

Superior Nutrition

This ultra fine powder is not grainy or chalky and is packed full of vegetables and fruits to give you a huge punch of potent micro-nutrients that are bio-available and readily absorbed easily and promptly by your body. Research shows that a well-balanced diet packed with plenty of fruits and vegetables can promote better health.

Supersize Your Energy

Unfortunately, inflammatory free-radicals can zap your energy levels when left unchecked. Antioxidants can block these damaging free-radicals and can help protect your body from the devastating effects of inflammation.

In just one scoop per day, you will get plenty of phyto-nutrients to help steadily boost your energy levels throughout the day without the crash you get from caffeine or sugar. Spend more time playing with your children and getting those projects finished, with more energy! 

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